Showing weakness

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Sometimes it is not easy to decide what to write. Where do i want to draw a line? Is it maybe too private to share? I mean it is the internet we're talking about, once it's out there there's no turning back. But then i think, that if i really was afriad of putting myself out there i would not have started this blog in the first place. I know right now, most people that read this blog are family and friends, but of course i would love for this place to grow and reach other people and who knows, maybe they go or went through similar experiences and maybe i can help, or get some help. 

Blogging is about sharing, about opening up and showing your strengths AND your weaknesses. Even if most of my pictures are happy pictures of happy moments, that does not mean that everything is perfect all the time. But that's what life is all about, to enjoy the happy times and to cope with the difficult ones. To learn from mistakes and always, always keep on moving. 

I have been having a difficult time this past weeks. Have you ever had this feeling where you do things just out of inertia? You know, the earth moves under your feet and you just move with it, without really noticing what you're doing. The weather has not been helping at all either. It's april and it's sooo cold! I have zero motivation to do anything. The twins presents and party decorations for Raul's party were luckily made before this great depression started.

I feel stuck in a never ending loop of waiting. Waiting for a change, waiting for the next step in my life, waiting for the next big adventure and it's frustrating because i know that right know there is nothing i can do to change but keep waiting and hoping that everything will be alright. The back story to all this ranting will also be shared, but not today. There are still some things to be taken care of before i'm ready. 

Right now, i'm trying really hard to relax, to take one day at the time, to take care of my furry baby as good as a depressed dogmom can (luckily Lola is not a pup anymore, which means i get more free time), to keep on the cooking and the proyects. There is actually a very exciting trip at the beginning of next month and i still haven't shown you our bathroom renewals. So much stuff and so little motivation... energy... depressing...

But that's what i like about sharing, that after opening up (at least a little bit) you feel somewhat better... lighter ;-) I hope you got to get me a little bit better after all this emotional rambling. I promise to keep on sharing, the good and the not so good.

And because i'm a fan of pictures i leave you with a furry baby making herself comfortable on top of an unmade bed and some watercolor painting...

Sleepy baby Watercolor 

I wish you all happy easter, have a nice weekend and T.G.I.F.!



Raul's 30th Birthday Party

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Hi everybody! How was your weekend? Ours was awesome! Raul turned 30 a couple of weeks ago and last saturday we finally had the opportunity to celebrate with family and friends.

Raul decided to rent a room in a vintage dance studio for the party. It already looked awesome and we just decorated it with some helium filled balloons (our tank didn't last for all the balloons we had...) and i hand made the birthday banner :-) Even Lola got a little corner for herself (of course she did not stay there, but she looked cute anyway).

Tanzstudio Mailingerstraße

Birthday Banner 1

Birthday Banner 2

Mailingerstudio Bar 1 Mailingerstudio Bar 2

Tanzstudio Mailingerstraße Lola's corner

Every family member brought some food and there was a lot of yummy stuff! My cake as always looked terrible, but it was delicious! I baked a Spiced Chocolate Cake (without the churros...).

Food court 1

Food court 2

Spiced Chocolate Cake Carrot CakeRed Wine Chocolate Cake Grandma's Kipferl

Salmon Rolls Potato Salad

On the back corner of the room we set up a Photobooth and i'm really pleased that everybody had a good time using it ;-)

Birthday boy + Me

Ivi + Me

The Salzbergers

The Mihailas

Benno MichiThe A&C Girls

Daniel + Mariana

Mike, Franzi + Caro

Caro, Raul, Franzi + Mike

Hermann LuiseCaro + Joe

Raul, Hanno, Caro + Joe

Hermann + Luise

Luise, Theresa, Sissi + Hermann

Sissi Theresaw/ Lola



Happy Birthday Hubby!

Thank you to all who came and partied with us! And to all who couldn't come: you missed a really cool party! ;-) We hope to see you soon!

And to all my readers: Happy Tuesday!



The twin's baptism

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As i told you in my last post, we spend our last saturday in Ingolstadt (about 70 km to the north of Munich) at the twins baptism.

And as promised, here are some pictures.

The ceremony itself was actually a little weird.The church is huge and we were only about 20 people there and we had to move from one point to another: door, bench, font...

Twins on the go

Münster Zur Schönen Unserer Lieben Frau Twins baptism 1

Twins baptism 2 Twins baptism 3

Lara V. S. Lara V. S.

Sofia I. S. Sofia I. S.

Baby watching

 baby watching ;-)

Us with the twins

Sooo cute! Can't wait to see them again!

Today was very very weary... tomorrow is Raul's birthday party and i had sooo much to do! But i'm looking forward to it! Well, see you next week with party pictures!



Hello there! These have been lazy and creative weeks around here. I have so much to do and so little energy, but it's actually geting better ;-)

So, remember last year i mentioned vising Raul's pregnant cousin? Well, yesterday was the twin's baptism and i wanted to sew something myself, but i got out of time... Still, here's an idea on how to add a personal touch to practically any kind of clothes :-)

Raul and i got the twins identical white dresses. Summer is coming and we thought it would be practical.

Baby dresses 

I searched the internet for a cute, easy to cut out form and found this baby deer silhouette. I then printed it on freezer paper (i got this one) and cut it out with an X-acto knife ( i got mine from Tchibo).

Printed images on freezer paper 

Cut images 

Freezer paper has a "waxed" side, it gets ironed onto the fabric, so it sticks to it. If done right you get a sharp edge like the picture on the right, if not you get a result like the picture on the left. I'm a fan of ombré, so i added more and more blue (left) and turquoise (right) fabric paint to the white one. 

Blue deer Turquoise deer 

Have you seen the Etsy Instructions on how to make a chipmunk out a glove? I had these pink gloves that were too small for me and decided to give it a try and let me tell you, it's not as easy at it seems, but they turned out cute anyway :-)

Glove squirrels 

Baby presents

At least Raul's cousin thought they were cute and that's all that matters. Pictures from the actual baptism still to come!



DIY: Triangle Stamp Cards

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I know, i know, it has been ages since my last post. To be honest i haven't been feeling very good this past weeks. I've been feeling as if i'm getting sick, but do not quite get sick, so i've been running on maybe 70% energy. AND allergy season is starting :-/ so there's even less energy left. Anyway...

Welcome to this month's DIY birthday card idea!

I love triangles! I don't know why, but they just make me smile :-) I've been wanting to do something with a triangle stamps for quite a while now. The original idea for my sister-in-law's tote bag was actually with neon pink triangles, but then i found the cute ribbon and everything changed. 

Well, i decided to make this triangle stamp finally happen. It did not come out exactly as i wanted it, but the cards look really cute anyway.

 Triangle stamp cards supplies

This time around i bought a "Happy Birthday" stamp and i'm not sure why insted of buying metallic stamp pads i got metallic paint, but it works just the same, you just have to remember to thoroughly clean your stamp after using it.

Stamp supplies

stamp form

To make the stamp i used foam rubber. I didn't really need that much, so i've got a lot left for further projects. Just draw your form onto the foam, cut it and paste it to something stable. We have a lot of strips of wood left from Raul's other projects, so i just saw a small piece. If you want something smaller you could also use corks. I used hot glue, but i bet normal glue works too, just be sure it does not come off ;-)

triangle stamp

At first i was trying to get it all cute and stuff, so i even used a paintbrush to get the paint on the stamp... after some time i just pressed directly it into the paint ;-) more mess, more fun, right? Unfortunately my gold paint was a little bit old, so it got all crumbly... just use some (or a lot of) paint thinner. 

Blue triangle stamp card

I made a blue card first because it's for a male cousin and he turned 17 and i thought he would not be pleased to receive a card with pink triangles on it...

 Pink triangle stamp cards

Here are some of the rest of the cards for everybody else (yes, only girls...). Making stamps with geometric patterns is really not that difficult. Just be careful when applying pressure to the stamp since it tends to "slip" because of the paint. I think next time i will get some stamp pads.

I hope you liked this little tutorial ;-)