Tula de Allende

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Last tuesday we made a little road trip to the nearby town of Tula de Allende. The adjacent archeological site was once the capitol of the toltec culture and was therefore almost as influential as Teotihuacán and Tenochtitlan.

Sadly, the site is not really that well kept. Everything is a little bit old and there are a lot of vendors on the way to the main ruins, but it has an interesting garden with many different tipes of cacti and as part of mexican history, it's really worth a visit. Bring a hat and enough sunblock though!

Tula 1 Tula 2 Tula 3

Tula 4 Tula 5 Tula 6 Tula 7

Tula 8 Tula 9 Tula 10 Tula 11

Tula 12 Tula 13 Tula 14

And yes, i know my boobs are huge... it's one of the many side effects of pregnancy...



Alebrije Parade

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We have been sooo busy... and the internet here is not really that good :-/

I'll start by showing you pictures of the Alebrije Parade we went to last saturday. There were about 250 different alebrijes, these are just a small part of them (some of the best ones, in my opinion).

Alebrije Parade 1 Alebrije Parade 2 Alebrije Parade 3

Alebrije Parade 4 Alebrije Parade 5

Alebrije Parade 6 Alebrije Parade 7 Alebrije Parade 8 Alebrije Parade 9 Alebrije Parade 10 Alebrije Parade 11

Alebrije Parade 12 Alebrije Parade 13

Alebrije Parade 14 Alebrije Parade 15 Alebrije Parade 16 Alebrije Parade 17 Alebrije Parade 18

Alebrije Parade 19 Alebrije Parade 20 Alebrije Parade 21

Alebrije Parade 22 Alebrije Parade 23 Alebrije Parade 24 Alebrije Parade 25 Alebrije Parade 26

Alebrije Parade 27 Alebrije Parade 28 Alebrije Parade 29

Hope you liked it!




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We're in Mexico! weeeeeeeeee! But last week was a little bit stressful, we had to take Lola to the city to an official veterinarian office to get her health certification, her veterinarian did a mistake and we had to go again; i had to go to my ob-gyn too (everything is ok, but we could not see if it's a boy or a girl...); we had to get a lot of stuff, you know, presents and stuff... The flight itself was ok, Lola did puke a little bit, but she is otherwise fine. My parent's dog Zamy is a doll, but i don't think they like each other very much... since they are used to being alone it's difficult for them to play together... but every day is a little bit better and we really hope they might become friends :-)

I leave you with a couple of pictures of us enjoying the sun! The little monsters got a bath on monday and they are looking sooo fabulous it would be a shame not to share ;-)

Between our two babies

Zamy & Lola Zamy 1 Lola 1 Magestic Lolz

Zamy 2 Crazy Zamy

BTW I'm doing fine, i can feel the baby kicking now more distinctly and we're planing to go to my mom's ob-gyn sometime in the next weeks to see if we can finally learn the baby's gender ;-)

I wish you all a happy wednesday!



New work space

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Since we will be using the other room now for other than work and hording stuff, i decided i needed a new place where to work. Remember the very beginning of this room? There used to be a dresser here that we later used for the closet and since then there had been nothing on this wall, which was nice, but we had always planned to get a small secretaire. Well, here it is! 

Bedroom 1

It is small enough that it fits in this tiny space, but it does expand so i can work properly on it. Of course i don't have a lot of space, but it's ok for working on the computer, writing... for everything else i have to use our dining room table, but it's ok, i really don't mind.

The chair is from the dining room, but i haven't found anything that i like that would work in here... i'll keep looking.

Work space 1 Work space 2

I had a problem with storage though. I needed a place where to put stuff, specially colors, washi tapes and everything i might need to make birthday cards. My husband built this shelves with small wooden panels and an actual tree branch (another benefit of living near a forest). We did paint everything so it would fit with the rest of the furniture. The upper part is on one side fixed to the branch with a screw and on the other it's supported to the branch with sticks. The bottom shelf is also fixed to the branch with a screw and the outer side holds with yarn and hooks. The branch itself is fixed to the wall with either one or two screws. Very simple, very pretty and very functional.

Shelf 1 Shelf 2 Shelf 3

This weird round things are speakers... they were originaly kind of a dirty yellowish white, so i painted them orange! weeeeeeee more color! It actually fits perfect with our wall and the owl clock. I tried to make them ombré, but failed... whatever, they look cool anyway.

The cherry blossom paint also got a new place above the bed. We used nylon cord and hooks so it looks as if it was just hovering there.

Speakers Bedroom 2 

I was afraid that the end result would look a little bit crowded, specially since the "pillow basket" is also in this corner, but as long as i keep it organized, it works really well. 

These are the last changes we're doing in this room. Well, next year there will be a small crib on my side of the bed, but it will obviously not be permanent.

I know i haven't showed you the book shelf and the other changes we have done in the other room, but i only have a week and a half 'till Mexico and i have sooo much to do! 

Have a nice wednesday!



The first trimester

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Let me start this post by clarifying something, as to avoid missunderstandings: i am super happy to be pregnant! i'm sooo looking forward to have a child, to nurture it and love it and become a better person because of that child. 

Having said that, let's be honest: being pregnant sucks! I have had the worst 14 weeks of my life! A long time ago i had a very bad emergency operation with a lot of complications and i had to stay in the hospital for almost a month... well, i can honestly tell you, that i don't know which experience was worst. I had almost all side effects of pregnancy multiplied by 1000... am i exaggerating? maybe... but it was really bad.

  • Fatigue: for about 2 months my day consisted of waking up (around 10), eating, doggy walking, napping (for about 3 hours), eating, doggy walking, spending some time with the hubs and going to sleep (around 9)... the worst part? i kept feeling sooo tired all the time!
  • Pain: in the first months all the ligaments in your pelvis start to soften, as to give the baby enough space to grow. Sometimes they soften too much and that's not good... it hurts... a lot! I also had a hyperstimulation of both ovaries (because of the IVF), so i had a huge belly from the beginning because my ovaries were more than 10 cm in diameter! That is more than twice the normal size! They gradually returned to normality, but it took a lot of time and actually the right one is still a tiny bit bigger than normal. All this makes your abdomen super sensitive to touch and you have to be super careful not to turn too quick to either side. It's very painful.
  • Hunger: I am (because i still am...) hungry ALL THE TIME! I eat around 6 to 7 small portions during the day and i still go to bed AND wake up in the middle of the night feeling famished...
  • Digestive problems: One of the most common side effects and it brings a variety of problems, which i have had ALL in the first 2 months of pregnancy... not fun!
  • Headaches: i suffer from migrane once in a while and i have learned to live with it, but! taking painkillers during pregnancy is really not recommended, mostly because you don't know what effects it could have on the baby, since most of these drugs have not been tested on pregnant women. The only ones that can be taken without much concern (but obviously still not in big quantity) are Aspirin and Paracetamol. I have a very high tolerance for pain and medication and these two don't even tickle my brain... I have taken Ibuprofen, but i still try not to.
  • Weak bladder: I had to go to the bathroom more that 10 times a day! And that's only during the day! I got up at least 2 to 3 times more during the night!
  • But the mother of all my problems was NAUSEA: OMG! i felt nauseated the whole day!!! it was really, really bad! the worst part? i did not puke... i don't like vomiting, but i think that in doing so you have at least a feeling of release... specially if you run to the bathroom about 5 times a day because you really think you're going to puke and nothing happens! well yes, you spit out a lot of saliva, your heart pumps like crazy, you have a hard time breathing, but other than that you just stand there and gag...

I'm sorry if all of this is disgusting to you, but it is the truth, that is how life works! I do believe that many women (including me) have this romantic idea of life, of how pregnancy is this happy, prefect, rainbow filled time where everything is beautiful and IT'S NOT! At least not for everybody, at least not all the time, specially in the beginning. All we think about is having a baby, but we don't realize all the changes that our bodies go through and sometimes it's really tough. For me, the first trimester was living hell! I was very depressed and felt just exhausted of being sick all the time!

That's why i started by stating that i'm happy to be pregnant because of course it's true! i just wish i would have known more about the whole process, about how a slight disfunction of hormones can make you a whole different person! Now i'm in week 17, so i have survived most of it. I still have some pain because of the growing uterus and problems with my pelvis, i'm still tired because of an iron deficiency and a very very low blood pressure (90/50, normal is around 120/80) and i still have nausea :-( luckily it's not all the time anymore, but i still feel it at least once a day. 

The thing is, the moment you look at the screen of the ultrasound and for the first time you see your baby's legs kicking around, it's fingers flexing and touching it's face, it's tiny heart beating... in that moment your own heart just explodes! It's in that moment when you realize that everything, EVERYTHING you are going through is worth it... all the pain, all the discomfort... it all just doesn't matter anymore, because inside of you a new life is growing.