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Once again it's been too long since my last post, but well... pregnancy you know... it can be a bitch!

Sooo, after more than a month of being back home i'm finally showing you the last stop on our Mexico Road Trip. After spending a very much needed time in the sun on the beach, we packed our things and headed on our way back to Mexico City. It takes about 9 hours to get from Purto Vallarta to the City and honestly, we did not want to spend that much time in the car, so we decided to make a last stop before finally getting home: Morelia, Michoacán.

In spite of having family in this gorgeous city, i think i have never really visited it. Unfortunately, Michoacán is one of the most dangerous states right now because of drug wars. Nevertheless, nothing happened while we were there and i would totally recommend a visit. The cathedral is really impressive, the city in itself is very clean and you can take a stroll in the park, even after dark ;-) plus the food is just delicious! And make sure to try some traditional sweets.

Mansión Real Morelia 1 Mansión Real Morelia 2

Plaza Melchor Ocampo Catedral de Morelia 1

Catedral de Morelia 2 Catedral de Morelia 3 Catedral de Morelia 4 Catedral de Morelia 5 Palacio de Gobierno

Plaza de Armas 1 Plaza de Armas 2 Plaza de Armas 3 Plaza de Armas 4

Plaza de Armas 5 Mercado de dulces y artesanías 1

Mercado de dulces y artesanías 2 Restaurante Los Mirasoles 

Sadly, we did not have more time there and headed home the very next morning (it was already december 31st). Once home we took naps and showers and went for New Year's Eve dinner with some friends. A couple of days later my brother and his girlfriend left for Germany and two days after that, us too were back at home in the cold cold Munic winter. I miss Mexico!



Puerto Vallarta

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After Guadalajara we drove about 3-4 hours to the beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta and spent 1 1/2 days lying around like stranded whales at the beach! Yeah, it's not much, but we had a very tight schedule and were very happy to get at least some time at the beach. The Malecón boardwalk is beautiful! There are a lot of sculptures along it and i don't know if the sand sculptures are around the whole year, but we saw some (really impressive btw). There are a lot of really good restaurants to choose from and bars of course! You really don't need to be on the hotels zone to enjoy a nice day at the beach, just be sure to get a spot not in the centre, where all the others are. And i was surprised by how dog-friendly the city is! really, we could have taken the little monster. Well, maybe next time ;-)

Malecón 1 Malecón 2

Malecón 3 Malecón 4 Sand sculptures Flying dancers

La Bodeguita del Medio Sunset Puerto Vallarta by night 1 Puerto Vallarta by night 2 Puerto Vallarta by night 3 Iglesia de Guadalupe

Malecón 5 Puerto Vallarta 1 Malecón 6 Seagulls Puerto Vallarta 2 Puerto Vallarta 3 Puerto Vallarta 4

Just one more post about our mexican road trip! :-D

It's been sooo frakking cold here in Munich! I have been missing Mexico a lot! But, the worst of winter is already over, right? Let's hope so! I don't think my winter jacket is going to fit me for much longer :-/




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The day after we arrived in Guadalajara, we took a tour on the Jose Cuervo Express to the town of Tequila. In case you didn't know that is were the drink tequila comes from. My parents did a similar tour last summer and thought we might enjoy it... sadly i'm not allowed to drink anything :-( so, it was a little bit weird to watch everybody else around you get hammered...

There are different tours you can book, we had the Premium Plus, which meant: we took the train in Guadalajara and had two hours of free drinks, tequila tasting, food and music... arriving in Tequila we had a tour through the Jose Cuervo Factory with a special glimpse into the Reserva de la Familia cellar. We then got some free time to wander around the town centre and get something to eat. At the end of the tour we watched a dance show with mariachis and a jimador explained how the agave is harvested and then we got back on our train (again free drinks!) and back to Guadalajara (the tour takes the whole day).

I think the town in itself is somewhat bigger than what we saw and i'm not sure if it was because of the weather (we had some rain...), but for all the money the tequila factories acquire, the town looked a little bit unkempt and poor. The centre is well kept, but the surrounding areas are just sad. And if Jose Cuervo makes so much money with their tours, they could really afford to build a decent train station.

Jose Cuervo Express On the Jose Cuervo Express 1 On the Jose Cuervo Express 2 On the Jose Cuervo Express 3 Jose Cuervo Express 2 Mundo Cuervo 1 Mundo Cuervo 2 Mundo Cuervo 3

Mundo Cuervo 4 Mundo Cuervo 5 Mundo Cuervo 6 Mundo Cuervo 7 Maestro Tequilero 1 Maestro Tequilero 2  Tequila 2 Tequila 1 Tequila 3 Mundo Cuervo 8

Nevertheless, it was very interesting and fun. If you go, take advantage of the discounts and get some good tequila (like Reserva de la Familia or Maestro Tequilero)! Honestly, it's a waste of time, money and opportunity to go there and buy the cheapest tequila in the store... you know, the one that you can buy in every supermarket in Mexico. 




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Excuse the lack of news (again...), but we have been sick around here :-(

Whatever... let's resume our Mexico adventure, shall we? I still have sooo many pictures to show you! After Christmas, we borrowed my mom's car and went on a road trip for a couple of days. Our first stop was the beautiful city of Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco! what to do there: eat! as much as you can, specially birria and tortas ahogadas!

El Pilon de los Arrieros 1

El Pilon de los Arrieros 2 El Pilon de los Arrieros 3 Catedral de Guadalajara Guadalajara 1

Plaza de la Liberación 1 Plaza de la Liberación 2 Plaza de la Liberación 3

Guagalajara 2 Teatro Degollado Paseo Degollado 1 Us in Guadalajara Paseo Degollado 2 Guadalajara 3 Guadalajara 4 Guadalajara 5

Sadly we did not see a lot else of the city, because we had a very tight schedule, but it was nice anyway ;-)

On the next post: Tequila! which is also a place, in case you didn't know...

Baby update: 24+6 (weeks+days). She has a better defined sleep/wake rhythm now, so i can sleep better at night, but she still moves a lot, which believe me, is not very amusing. She kicks really hard too (i have shed some tears... and not of joy :-/).



Unknown no more

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Before we go on with the Mexico posts... remember i told you we were having an ultrasound last thursday? well...

It's a girl!

And we couldn't be happier! She is super healthy, everything is how it's supposed to be, heart, lungs, brain, tummy... everything is developing just fine. It was such a beautiful experience watching her move. She desperately tries to suck not her thumb, but her big toe! It was sooo funny. But with all the traveling and jet lag we've been having trouble sleeping. She is very energic and moves constantly day and night! I have to work on a daily routine, so she gets a new sleep/wake rhythm. 

I'll be 25 weeks tomorrow and i already feel huge! Just a couple more weeks and we'll be arriving at the final trimester! BTW, that's a sneak peak of her room! ;-)