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OMG! Last time i wrote, i was ready to wait all the time it took for the baby to be born naturally. The little fury monster was at the dog sitter and the Hubs and i decided to enjoy our evening with a nice dinner and a movie. The whole time i was having contractions every 10 minutes, but by that time i was so used to them, i did not really pay attention. As i was laying down to sleep it happened... my water broke! That was a very funny, scary, weird moment. I called Raul and we both stood there for about a minute not knowing what to do, but we were sooo happy! That happened around midnight, we called the delivery ward and they told me to get there as soon as my contractions got more intense and more often, but in the meantime i should stay at home and try to sleep and relax a little. I actually got to bed thinking i would be able to sleep at least a couple of hours, since my contractions stayed the same the whole day. Three ours later we were on our way to the hospital :-) 

I don't know what to tell you about the actual fact of having a baby. It's the most intense, weirdly happiest, extreme painful time of your life. I'm sooo glad the Hubs was with me the whole time. I could not have done it alone. He kept me focused on breathing and thinking positive. Even though i wanted to keep everything natural, i could not bear the pain and asked for an epidural. The dosage was not very high though and i could still feel some pressure and work with the contractions. It was a relative quick birth. From the moment my water broke, to the moment the little one was born passed around 11 hours, which is really not that long. And yes, it was the most awesome experience of my life!

The little Moomin will be 2 weeks tomorrow! She is very low-maintenance and sooo cute <3

We had, well still have, some breastfeeding issues, but i decided not to put myself under pressure and take it easy. We're feeding her with a mixture of breastfeeding, milk pumping and baby formula and it works, she gets her food, i'm not completely stressed out and the Hubs can feed her at night ;-) He took one month off work to stay with us and i'm very happy he did, i would not be able to cope with all the work and feelings and stuff otherwise. We also got a lot of support from our midwife, who came almost daily to help us out. Lola was a little confused at the beginning, well i guess she still is, but it's getting better. She just gets so excited whenever i let her near the baby, that we have to be very careful. But she's slowly learning to be more gentle. We're getting there, one day at a time.

It will take me some time to start writing regularly again, i spend a whole week on this post alone, but i'm not gone... remember that i'm super bad at scheduling! Right now, i leave you with some pictures!

So much pain! Happy Birthday Baby Moomin!

Proud Papa Little burrito

Sweet Star Wars dreams Playing with mama Punk baby Eskimo kiss Bathing time

Have a nice weekend!



Another quick update

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First of all, thank you sooo much for all your kind words of encouragement and good wishes. I really appreciate it!

Now, where to start. I'm so frustrated and sad and angry and full of doubts right now.

First things first: On tuesday i had an appointment with my Ob-Gyn and he told me i should go right to the hospital and talk to them about being induced. He even talked to them on the phone and asked if it was a good moment for me to come by and they said yes. So, there we went and i got talked into waiting some more, mainly because it was kind of fast and i was scared. I got a tape under my belly to support it and was told, that if the pain lingered, i could come back again and then we could further discuss inducing labour. We went home, the tape obviously did nothing and i called on friday to ask for an appointment (notice i told them all about wanting to get induced!).

They gave me an appointment for today and we even brought Lola to her dog-sitter. Once there it all started going downhill. First of all, my appointment was not marked down as labour induction, but as a normal check-up. Second, they had already so many inductions today, that they could not do mine too. Third, even if they had the capacity they would not induce me, because there is no emergency to do so. Which by the way, is obviously understandable, but just picture me crying, because by that point i'm on the verge of a meltdown and this woman has the nerve to tell me that i should not take the place of someone who needs it more, "just because i'm tired"... Hello!!! It felt like a slap in the face! I know my case is not an emergency, but that does not mean that my pain does not exist, or that it is of no importance! She literally was telling me to suck it up and go home and be happy that i'm not an emergency case. Of course i'm thankful that my baby is fine, but really? you really want to talk like that to a crying pregnant woman, full of hormones, who is in a lot of pain and who clearly can't take it anymore? the Hubs got really really mad and they started arguing... we still had to go to the check up with the doctor and i just said let's go. The doctor was as unhelpful as the midwife. He told me that as he was just the resident, he did not have any authority to make the decision to induce labour and even if he could, he wouldn't do it, the same bla bla as before... If i wanted, i could stay there and they would give me stuff for the pain and i could talk on monday with the head physician, but that i would very probably get the same answer... He even had the nerve to tell me that i could come back any time, if i could't stand the pain. Hello! that's what i was there for and you sent me home again!

And here i am, once again at home and i have no idea what to do. I mean, i really understand that as long as the little one is fine, i should wait. The problem is I am not fine anymore! Everything hurts! and i know that it's normal, that almost every pregnant woman has some issues at the end, but i also know that sadly i'm one of the few percentage whose pain and discomfort is as high as can be. And not just at the end, but since the begining of pregnancy. If we take everything in, it has been even longer! The laparoscopy was almost a year ago...

I think i will try to make the rest of this weekend work and i'll call my Ob-Gyn on monday to discuss everything with him again and maybe i'll be switching hospitals (notice, my Ob-Gyn does not work on that hospital. His hospital, sadly, does not have a delivery ward). Not because i want to be induced at any cost (even if the pain is killing me), but because i really don't feel comfortable with the people and the service there anymore. Right now i'm actually dreading going into labour in the next hours, just because that would mean having to see their faces and talk to them again.

So... sorry for the whole "oh, poor me!" monologue, but i had to get it off my chest! I think the Hubs and i will be going out for a nice dinner tonight :-) We have to take advantage of the fact, that the little monster will be staying with her dog-sitter until tomorrow!

I wish you all again a nice weekend!!!



Quick update

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In the course of pregnancy your whole pelvis loosens a little bit to let the baby through during birth. I started having pain in that area early on because of the hormones (as you might remember). Around week 25/26 i got a belt, that kept the pelvis a little bit tighter, thus preventing pain. It did help a lot for a while, but since the baby slid into position a couple of weeks ago, i cannot longer use it. Which of course means that the pain not only came back, but it also increased due to the pressure of the babys head.

Long story short: i can't take the pain anymore and i'm hoping to get induced soon!

It was not an easy decision to make. I hoped, wished and prayed for a natural birth, to give my baby more time to grow and let her decide when to finally come into this world. I have been doing everything i can to softly "kick her out": teas, movement, acupuncture, baths, sex... everything! but after weeks of trying to keep her in, she does not want to come out naturally. Inductions are not always without risk and may take days for the birthing process to even begin. But i have been just enduring all this pain and discomfort these last weeks and i've reached my limit. After talking to my doctor, my midwife and the Hubs, we decided that it is really the best course of action to get induced. And it's not as if the baby is not ready yet, last time we checked she was already around 3,2k, completely developed and healthy. My cervix is already opened about 2cm and i have contractions all the time. I think she just needs a little kick in the butt ;-) So, i have an appointment for tomorrow and let's hope it all goes good. Anyway, wish us tons of luck that it does not take forever and who knows,  there just might be some baby pictures to share on our instagram account next week!

I wish you all a very nice weekend!



What's going on?

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Hi everybody! yes, i'm still alive... no, the baby is still not here, but hopefully soon :-)

I have had some rough months lately. I've been wanting to write, but finding myself without any kind of motivation whatsoever. I have still so much to show and share with you, that i don't even know where to start...

It has been such a weird time that Lola turned 2 years old on the 25th of February and we didn't even buy her a cake! The little monster had been sick for quite a while and we didn't know why until her vet suggested to do a full blood scan. Well, it turned out that our already food picky monster is allergic to almost everything! The only things she can eat right now are chicken, duck, fish (not salmon) and potatoes and that's it... nothing else! We had to get her special food, which of course she doesn't like. On the good side, it's been working. Her digestive system is working better again and we don't have to get up at 4 o'clock every night to go out with her. It's been hard times, i worry a lot and i was not feeling that good either... but it's getting better, plus she's been so patient with me :-)

Speaking of not feeling good: well, i'm 37 weeks pregnant and i just want our baby to finally be here! I wanted to write a post about the 2nd trimester, which was the best time ever, but then the 3rd one started and with it came a lot of pain and worry and i think baby blues... I started having contractions very early on (about week 28/29) and my cervix got shorter (at that time it was about 3 cm; normal is between 4-5 cm). So i had to step down a little and rest a lot, not go outside with Lola so long. One month later my cervix was 2,5cm and 2 weeks ago i started feeling really bad, i had a lot of contractions, also painful ones and the baby would not stop moving for hours! The Hubs took me to the hospital, because i was getting really worried that the baby would come early and after a check up the doctors decided to keep me there at least one week. They tried to stop the contractions and i had to rest a lot and after a week my cervix was at 1,7 cm and the contractions were still there... but, i was already 35 weeks and from then on they let nature take it's course, because the baby is practically fully developed. All in all it was a good decision to go to the hospital, even if it didn't bring that much, but i met other women who had similar problems and were/are as afraid as me. 

Well i'm really hoping she decides to come out this week, because my body is ready to get her out! I just noticed that it took me almost 2 weeks to write this post :-/ The good part? Raul took some pictures yesterday! Look how huge i am!

Baby bump with Lolz

I'm hoping to finish some posts before she gets here, but if not... you'll hear from us eventually ;-)

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Once again it's been too long since my last post, but well... pregnancy you know... it can be a bitch!

Sooo, after more than a month of being back home i'm finally showing you the last stop on our Mexico Road Trip. After spending a very much needed time in the sun on the beach, we packed our things and headed on our way back to Mexico City. It takes about 9 hours to get from Purto Vallarta to the City and honestly, we did not want to spend that much time in the car, so we decided to make a last stop before finally getting home: Morelia, Michoacán.

In spite of having family in this gorgeous city, i think i have never really visited it. Unfortunately, Michoacán is one of the most dangerous states right now because of drug wars. Nevertheless, nothing happened while we were there and i would totally recommend a visit. The cathedral is really impressive, the city in itself is very clean and you can take a stroll in the park, even after dark ;-) plus the food is just delicious! And make sure to try some traditional sweets.

Mansión Real Morelia 1 Mansión Real Morelia 2

Plaza Melchor Ocampo Catedral de Morelia 1

Catedral de Morelia 2 Catedral de Morelia 3 Catedral de Morelia 4 Catedral de Morelia 5 Palacio de Gobierno

Plaza de Armas 1 Plaza de Armas 2 Plaza de Armas 3 Plaza de Armas 4

Plaza de Armas 5 Mercado de dulces y artesanías 1

Mercado de dulces y artesanías 2 Restaurante Los Mirasoles 

Sadly, we did not have more time there and headed home the very next morning (it was already december 31st). Once home we took naps and showers and went for New Year's Eve dinner with some friends. A couple of days later my brother and his girlfriend left for Germany and two days after that, us too were back at home in the cold cold Munic winter. I miss Mexico!