Off to Japan

This post will be for the moment the last one because... WE ARE GOING TO JAPAN!!! :-D

It is our delayed honeymoon! and... FYI I study japanese at the University of Munich and it has always been my dream to go to Japan.

We are going to be there on time for hanami 花見 which translated it's "flower viewing" and it refers to the japanese tradition of watching and enjoying the blossoming of the cherry and plum trees. It is THE time of the year to be in Japan :-)

We are going to tour the south and center of Japan.

We arrive at Osaka Airport and spend there a couple of days. We will then take the train to Fukuoka, which is in Kyushu, the westernmost island of Japan. From there we take the same tour back, but staying at and visiting some key places like Hiroshima, Kobe, etc. Our last stop will be Tokyo.

I tried to draw you a map, but my Photoshop skills are not that good... just humor me :-)

We are going to be there two and a half weeks and on our way back to Germany we're going to spend four days in Shanghai :-D

I'm really hoping to have some time -and internet capability- to post something while abroad and show you a little bit of what's going on, but if i don't... well... you will probably get a full report when we come back.

Anyway i leave you with what my last week looked like:


As you can see i did a LOT of laundry... i had my normal laundry and my bedsheets laundry and of course the oh-but-i-want-to-take-the-socks-that-i'm-wearing-right-now-to-the-trip-laundry... yeah, sometimes i'm not very smart... and we only had ONE nice day... winter can kiss my... well you know what i mean.

I had a lot to do and didn't even finish everything i wanted to, for example sending my brother some cookies! i'm sooooo sorry! you know i love you anyway! i'll bring you something nice from japan! a "vending machine surprise" ;-)

Well you can only do so much in one week...
I wish you all a Happy Easter!


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March 21, 2013

I wish you all the best for your flight and your trip trough Japan! Come home save or I'll  have a 24/7 crying Panda over here at Göttingen ;-)

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March 21, 2013

thanks so much! don't worry, we'll take care... nobody wants a sad panda!