Over the Weekend #1

How was your weekend?

We are starting to do stuff every saturday after dog school. This time we went to the Biergarten! Lola behaved quite good, but she has this thing with all kinds of round things. She chases after balls and balloons. We really need to do something about that because many children get afraid of her, because she starts barking when they play ball near her and we know she just wants to play but they don't and to be honest i don't want to have to deal with parents that think their kids might be in danger because of a 4 month little furball barking. I might be exaggerating, but the fact is, you never know ;-)

Afterwards we came home and watched Evil Dead. Tagline: The most terrifing film you will ever experience... well, no. I'm a huge fan of horror movies and this one is good, but it's not the best. Maybe for teenies or people that don't like scary movies... don't get me wrong, it is quite gory and i haven't seen that amount of blood in a long time, but i'm pretty used to it... there is little new stuff in horror movies. If you absolutely don't like horror or have an easy upsetting stomach: this movie is definite not for you! 

If you want to be entertained without having to think a lot, don't expect anything new AND are fan of the original series: go for it!


Evil Dead (2013) - Official Redband Trailer von FanReviews


On sunday we just chilled :-) We went out with Lola and trained a little bit. There's a nice park near our place with a small stream and Lola loves it. She absolutely adores water and bubbles! She's so cute trying to catch them and eat them :-) 

Afterwards Raul made dinner and we watched another movie (see a pattern here?).

This time we watched Argo. It's not bad, the story is quite good and it has some nice fun moments. Ben Affleck is not that good of an actor, but he can direct. The message is like every other Hollywood movie: the US is always good and they will prevail no matter what... the fact that they would not be in such a mess if they stopped meddling in other countries affairs never seems to be an option. But we don't want to start a political rant here, it's just my opinion.

So if you have no idea about the Iran hostage crisis 1979 and don't mind seeing Ben Affleck's unchanging face for like 2 hours: go for it!

Argo - Trailer (Englisch) von moviepilot


Happy Monday everyone!



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July 15, 2013

 XD I don´t mind looking at Ben Affleck's ugly face for 782538971524 hours : )

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July 15, 2013

I've always thought he was handsome but he really does not look good in this movie... hahahahahaha :-D