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Raul's 30th Birthday Party

Hi everybody! How was your weekend? Ours was awesome! Raul turned 30 a couple of weeks ago and last saturday we finally had the opportunity to celebrate with family and friends.

Raul decided to rent a room in a vintage dance studio for the party. It already looked awesome and we just decorated it with some helium filled balloons (our tank didn't last for all the balloons we had...) and i hand made the birthday banner :-) Even Lola got a little corner for herself (of course she did not stay there, but she looked cute anyway).

Tanzstudio Mailingerstraße

Birthday Banner 1

Birthday Banner 2

Mailingerstudio Bar 1 Mailingerstudio Bar 2

Tanzstudio Mailingerstraße Lola's corner

Every family member brought some food and there was a lot of yummy stuff! My cake as always looked terrible, but it was delicious! I baked a Spiced Chocolate Cake (without the churros...).

Food court 1

Food court 2

Spiced Chocolate Cake Carrot CakeRed Wine Chocolate Cake Grandma's Kipferl

Salmon Rolls Potato Salad

On the back corner of the room we set up a Photobooth and i'm really pleased that everybody had a good time using it ;-)

Birthday boy + Me

Ivi + Me

The Salzbergers

The Mihailas

Benno MichiThe A&C Girls

Daniel + Mariana

Mike, Franzi + Caro

Caro, Raul, Franzi + Mike

Hermann LuiseCaro + Joe

Raul, Hanno, Caro + Joe

Hermann + Luise

Luise, Theresa, Sissi + Hermann

Sissi Theresaw/ Lola



Happy Birthday Hubby!

Thank you to all who came and partied with us! And to all who couldn't come: you missed a really cool party! ;-) We hope to see you soon!

And to all my readers: Happy Tuesday!



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April 15, 2014

AWESOME! I really wanted to go! But I can see that you had an amazing time with lots of fun and beer and cake! I think your cake looks delicious Beriki! Te quiero!

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April 15, 2014

I know! but i will see you soon enough ;-) Then we can bake a cake! :-D

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josh wekang
April 15, 2014

This is a nice idea of every occasion. - Dennis Wong YOR Health

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Lazer Lions | L...
April 15, 2014

Looked like a great party! At Lazer Lions Laser Tag Birthday Parties we host kids birthday parties for children of all ages in the UK and had a child that loved carrot cake! We love your ideas and may have to use your carrot cake design in the future! Thanks for sharing

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April 15, 2014

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