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Mișu's Birthday Weekend

What is it about familiy reunions that is highly stressful, but oh so fulfilling? Sometimes i get all anxious about having so many people around me, but it's kind of fun, you know, hearing all the gossip... ;-)

We spend the whole weekend at a kind of farmhouse turned hotel in the Bavarian Forest with about 30 more people to celebrate my father-in-law's 60th birthday! The babies were there too and other kids and almost the whole family and a lot of his friends. 

The "hotel" was super nice! Our room even had a little fenced garden for Lola. They had pygmy goats and bunnies and horses and lots and lots of space for Lola to run wild. Sadly she decided that the bunnies were too much fun to bark at, so we had to get her on the leash again...

Feriengut Zum Fürst'n 1 Feriengut Zum Fürst'n 2

Feriengut Zum Fürst'n 3 Feriengut Zum Fürst'n 4Feriengut Zum Fürst'n 5 Pigmy Goats

Grill & Football Food time!Lots to eat Lots of meat Lola was also there

On saturday we all went to the National Park for a walk. Everybody who knows me will tell you how much i hate hiking, BUT since we got Lola i'm starting to enjoy going out for "walks", even in the forest. It was really nice, they have some animals there and we saw a bear and moose and boars and stuff ;-)

Bavarian Forest National Park 1 Bavarian Forest National Park 2Moose at the Bavarian Forest National Park

Bavarian Forest National Park 4 Bavarian Forest National Park 3 Bavarian Forest National Park 5Storks at the Bavarian Forest National Park Wisents at the Bavarian Forest National Park Bavarian Forest National Park 6

Afterwards we got back, some of us got a little bit more of the much needed beauty sleep and then it was party time! Oh God! We ate and ate and drunk and sung, played with the babies and watched more football. Mișu (my father-in-law) got some cool fun presents like lots of wine and a walking cane (you know, because he's "old"...). 

Birthday time! Beer champagne Sophia LaraSophia & Anika playing football Cake time!

Music time! Me eating a lot of cake

Presents! And more football

Now i'm like 3 kilos heavier and we still got some leftover cake! 

This was our last big event until my birthday and i'm actually happy to get back to "normality" for a while. I'm thinking of going back to scheduled posts, we're building our book shelf and i would love to share with you more about IVF...  Look forward to it!

Have a nice thursday!



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July 10, 2014

Bunnies! and Lolis! : ) Looks amazing Beritas bonitas...I wanted to be there : ( Please send me some leftovers!

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July 10, 2014

i missed you!!! you'll get some cake when you're here for my birthday! :-D