And then there were four

OMG! Last time i wrote, i was ready to wait all the time it took for the baby to be born naturally. The little fury monster was at the dog sitter and the Hubs and i decided to enjoy our evening with a nice dinner and a movie. The whole time i was having contractions every 10 minutes, but by that time i was so used to them, i did not really pay attention. As i was laying down to sleep it happened... my water broke! That was a very funny, scary, weird moment. I called Raul and we both stood there for about a minute not knowing what to do, but we were sooo happy! That happened around midnight, we called the delivery ward and they told me to get there as soon as my contractions got more intense and more often, but in the meantime i should stay at home and try to sleep and relax a little. I actually got to bed thinking i would be able to sleep at least a couple of hours, since my contractions stayed the same the whole day. Three ours later we were on our way to the hospital :-) 

I don't know what to tell you about the actual fact of having a baby. It's the most intense, weirdly happiest, extreme painful time of your life. I'm sooo glad the Hubs was with me the whole time. I could not have done it alone. He kept me focused on breathing and thinking positive. Even though i wanted to keep everything natural, i could not bear the pain and asked for an epidural. The dosage was not very high though and i could still feel some pressure and work with the contractions. It was a relative quick birth. From the moment my water broke, to the moment the little one was born passed around 11 hours, which is really not that long. And yes, it was the most awesome experience of my life!

The little Moomin will be 2 weeks tomorrow! She is very low-maintenance and sooo cute <3

We had, well still have, some breastfeeding issues, but i decided not to put myself under pressure and take it easy. We're feeding her with a mixture of breastfeeding, milk pumping and baby formula and it works, she gets her food, i'm not completely stressed out and the Hubs can feed her at night ;-) He took one month off work to stay with us and i'm very happy he did, i would not be able to cope with all the work and feelings and stuff otherwise. We also got a lot of support from our midwife, who came almost daily to help us out. Lola was a little confused at the beginning, well i guess she still is, but it's getting better. She just gets so excited whenever i let her near the baby, that we have to be very careful. But she's slowly learning to be more gentle. We're getting there, one day at a time.

It will take me some time to start writing regularly again, i spend a whole week on this post alone, but i'm not gone... remember that i'm super bad at scheduling! Right now, i leave you with some pictures!

So much pain! Happy Birthday Baby Moomin!

Proud Papa Little burrito

Sweet Star Wars dreams Playing with mama Punk baby Eskimo kiss Bathing time

Have a nice weekend!