Month 2

Aaahhh! It's been 2 months already? my baby is not a wrinkled newborn anymore! she's big and fat and i already had to sort out clothes :'-(

Month 2

We have been slowly adapting to each other. She still sleeps a lot (we only have to feed her twice at night). We have some whiny days, but it's never been extremely bad. We had a very rough 5th week, because of a growth spurt (we're having another right now), but i'm slowly learning to discern what she wants and to be patient and to rely on others when it's just too much.

Tummy aches are not that much of an issue anymore. I mean, it still happens, but we deal with it better. She's getting lactobacillus for her intestinal flora and i'm trying not to eat things that might upset her stomach. Plus, i'm giving her something for the gas ;-) The problem now is reflux... i know almost every baby has it, but hers is really ugly. 

Luckily we have our next doctors appointment on monday. Let's see what we can do to ease that nuisance. She's also getting her first vaccinations! 

I'm still breastfeeding, althought i am beginning to wean... It's just too exhausting and frustrating for both of us (specially for me). She always, always falls asleep during meals, which means that she does not drink enough, which leads to me having to feed her every 2 hours! It leaves me no "free time" at all. So, it's bye bye boobs! To be honest, it had started to grow on me. It's cute to have your baby so near to you, but i'm looking forward to have more time do to other stuff and of course to finally have my body back! Believe me, leaking boobs are the most freakish things ever!

She smiles at me every once in a while and she can hold her head for a couple of seconds. She communicates more and we can "play" a little bit. It's starting to be fun... this having a baby thing :-) 

2 months w/ Lola

And once again i'm off to feed her...

Have a nice weekend! 


Month 1