Month 3

We made it! the first 3 months are over!!! Weeeeeeeeeee! from now on, it can only be better, right?

3 months old

We just had an episode yesterday that made me fear what parenting has in store for us. I was getting the Moomin ready for bed, changing her diaper when all of a sudden she just started to scream. It has happened before, she does not always like it when we change her, but this time it just didn't stop! and God is she loud! It breaks your heart to see your baby crying, with those huge tears rolling down it's fat cheeks and you have no idea whatsoever of what's wrong :-( I was 2 seconds away from crying too, but she calmed down as soon as she realized i was trying to nurse her. Poor Moomin! I have no idea what triggered her, but i've heard teething can cause lots of pain and screams and sleepless nights and i'm dreading it!

But, on the good side, she smiles a lot :-D She just discovered her voice and she spends the whole day squeaking and blabbing. It's adorable! She holds her head better when i lay her on her stomach and i really think it's not going to take that much longer until she rolls from her back to her stomach. She experienced her first flight and her first big party, sleeping away from home and spending the whole day wandering around and she was a doll! We had some temper tantrums once in a while, but i have to say we are very very lucky and so blessed to have such a nice, easygoing girl. 

Next week we have a doctors appointment for ther next round of shots. I think this time around she is going to be weight and measured (last time it did not happen...) and i'm very excited to see how much she has grown in the last weeks. BTW vaccinations: we did have a rough week after the first round, so i'm hoping it's not that bad this time. She got very whiny and sleepy, she did not develop a fever (at least something good), but it did take almost a week for her to be "normal" again...

3 months old 3 months old

I love Lola's expression on that last picture ;-) as if saying: "take your picture and give me my treat, woman!" hahaha

If everything goes right with the little Moomin, i will be working on the Helsinki posts these next days, so look forward to it!


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