the Wedding...

Sooo, let's keep moving shall we?

Day 4, the big day, the reason we were in Finland: the wedding!

After a somewhat stressful morning in which we got lost on our way to the hairdresser, which meant i had less than 30 minutes to get the baby and myself dressed and ready to go, we took the ferry to the nearby island of Suomenlinna. There is a fortress and a toys museum, but we were so short on time, we didn't get to see them :-( We don't have pictures from the actual wedding ceremony either, because Raul was best man and i had my hands full with a pooping baby (this time i had the pleasure to clean little Moomin's buttocks on top of a toilet seat). But here are some pictures of the wedding party, BTW the motto was something like Concert Festival: the invitations were concert tickets, we got "VIP backstage passes" and the table names were written on vinyl discs.

The Groom The Happy Couple The Bride Buffet 1 Buffet 2

Finnish Design The Venue

The Motto: Concert festival VIP Pass Dessert Buffet Wedding Cake Family picture Baby entertaining The Singer The couple's first dance The band Dancing Twins

The bavarian present The bavarian present The Groomsmen Love is in the air Everybody is dancin' Good night everybody!

There was tasty food, delicious desserts, a fun photo booth, good music and i swear the drummer of the band looked like a younger Christopher Walken! hahaha...


Helsinki, Porvoo...