Month 7

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We have been living in this new city for a month now, which also means that a certain baby turned 7 months!!!

7 months old

It's has been a hard month. Moving in itself is stressful, now try moving not only into another country, but into another continent! I had no idea, how susceptible kids (and dogs) react to changes... Baby Moomin developed a rash exactly on the day we flew here. It was all over her face and hands and it took about 2 weeks to dissapear completely. I think it was some kind of neurodermatitis, you know, because of the stress...

We also had some sleeping trough the night problems, but i think we're back on track again. We're working on going to bed around 8 or 8:30 p.m. with the last meal also at that time. She gets less milk and more squash, from next week on 3x squash, 2x milk. She likes drinking water from her sippy cup and loves to take everything she can put her hands on in her mouth.

7 months old

There has been a lot, a LOT of screaming! she does not cry, she screams! it sounds as if i was killing her or something and when she has these screaming fits, there is nothing i can do about it but to let them pass... normally i just take her in my arms and cradle her until she calms down... poor baby... But it is really frustrating, because i have no idea what the problem is :-( 

Doing chores is almost impossible because she does not like to be left alone for a prolonged period of time, which is not even that long, maybe 15 min. max! But i have to confess that i love love love when she gets all clingy, because it's just so amazingly cute to cuddle with her! Hugs and kisses!!! even better: she enjoys it too! Lots of hugs and kisses!!! <3

7 months old

I thought i saw a teeny tiny white dot on her lower gum the other day, but... i don't know... There has been a lot of crying at night since yesterday and she's had bright red cheeks these past days, but as i said: nothing has happened yet... still no teeth :-(  Please! Please come out finally!!!


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