If you're going to San Francisco...

This happened already a long long time ago... i'm so lazy!

We spent Thanksgiving with our super nice landlords and their families. It was our very first Thanksgiving dinner ever and it was delicious! There was just so much food! There were other kids and other dogs, so Lola and Baby Moomin were not the only ones :-) It was really very nice. Everybody made us feel so welcome and Baby Moomin even got a pretty crocheted baby cap.

The Hubs had been wanting to get me a bicycle since before we came here, but i cannot ride a bicycle (i know, shame on me...), so i wanted a tricycle and the Hubs found this super awesome Taga Bike on Craigslist :-) the catch was that we had to get it near San Francisco, so we decided to take advantage of the long weekend after Thanksgiving and visit San Francisco. We stayed at a pet friendly hotel, just in front of the Dragon Gate in Chinatown. We took a long walk along the bay, took the 49 Mile Scenic Drive and even found a dog friendly beach! Baby Moomin started having really super red cheeks and sadly it was very loud outside the hotel, so we had some sleeping-through-the-night issues again, but all in all, it was a very nice trip. San Francisco is really beautiful! Since we were going to get my stroller-bike on our way back home, we did not take the stroller with us and it was the best decision ever! All those hills!!! 

Bay Club SF The Embarcadero

Christmas Tree at Pier 39 Forbes IslandAlcatraz Pier 41 Dragon's GatePowell Hyde Cable Car end of line Ghirardelli Square Palace of Fine Arts Theatre

Lola in San Francisco Family pictureDog Beach at Fort Funston Dog Beach at Fort Funston Lola at the beach Baby Moomin was there too

Japanese Tea garden Japanese Tea garden Japanese Tea gardenSpreckels Temple of Music Look at those red cheeks Dady and baby Christmas palm tree

Union Square Union Square

Maiden Ln Funky elevator lights

So, now we got to see San Francisco and i have a bike! win-win :-)

I know i have not been very diligent with my writing lately... sorry! I have been feeling a little bit under the weather these past days/weeks, physically and emotionally. It's not really easy to live in a half empty house, trying to feel at home and doing what you normaly used to do, when all the stuff you need to do those things are not there... I'm sooo frustrated! I want my bed! and my kitchen stuff! I want Lola's house and my computer! If everything goes well, our things will arrive in Oakland this weekend and i hope there is no trouble with customs, so it's all here soon! Plus, i think i've gained about 3 kilos in these 2 months we have been here :'-( :'-( :'-(  and I miss my friends! Homesickness sucks... but, it's all just a phase... which i wish was already over...

Ok, let's stop being depressed and let's start the weekend!!! It's the last weekend before Christmas! OMG! We are doing absolutely no christmas shopping this year! Baby Moomin already got some presents from her grandparents and she's too small to really want Christmas presents anyway, so we are all set.

Have a nice weekend everybody! we're going to watch the Christmas lights in Oldtown tomorrow :-)