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Feelings and emotions and life and stuff ...

I have been writing this post in my head for the last couple of weeks, without ever actually sitting down and doing it... I knew that being a mom was going to be hard, there is never enough time for things not involving Baby Moomin and/or Lola, but honestly, i have been taking time for myself every afternoon while the baby sleeps. My problem has been more a motivational one. I'm just always so tired and overwhelmed by life with a toddler, that whenever i get a small pause, my brain automatically shuts down. It has been so difficult for me to channel my creativity and actually do something with it. But here i am, finally!

The year is almost over and this place looks exactly the same, although our lives have changed so much. Baby Moomin is already a little bit over one and a half years old! I cannot begin to comprehend how/when that happened! It feels like only yesterday i held this tiny worm in my arms, who couldn't do anything but cry when hungry... She is sooo big now! She knows how to open doors, turn on lights and climb on the couch. She is still not very good with words, most of them sound the same to me, but she knows her body parts and some animals in german AND spanish. She understands us perfectly and even helps around the house. She loves music, specially Mr. Cooper and right now is obsessed with Curious George. Just a couple more months and she'll be 2 years old!!! She'll be flower girl at the wedding of one of my best friends <3 It's time to think about Pre School!

I have been going to Martial Arts Training since July and recently earned my Orange Belt! It has been so satisfying to a)leave the house for an hour without Moomin and/or Lola, b) meeting new people and c) finally doing something that brings me out of my comfort zone, while working out! I have really been enjoying it so much. It started as just looking what it was about and how i would feel doing something like that, but it has given me so much more confidence, plus i have muscles in places where i never had muscles before! hahaha, no, really, i think never in my life have i had upper back/shoulder muscles like this. They are still not super defined, but they are there! And let's not forget that i'm learning how to defend myself, a set of skills that everybody should know. I'm still not a pro, i'm just beginning my journey, but i'm very glad i started it :-D

Another change we're making, is being more conscious about what we eat, what we wear, what we use. We are nor vegan, i honestly don't think the Hubs and i will ever be completely vegan, we do like a steak once in a while, but we are giving up/replacing some products we no longer want to consume, like milk and eggs. Specially with Baby Moomin being this young, i want her to grow up with other notions and correct information. We're also transitioning to cruelty free products and just in general a more earth friendly way of life. This is a journey we also just started, but in my opinion it's already paying off. I do want to write a more detailed post about this, because it's becoming such an important part of our lives, let's hope it doesn't take me another year ;-)

The Hubs and Lola are good. The hubs has been busy with work and he has been sick a few times this year, but nothing major, just the flu. Lola has been good too, but we really need to find her something to do, like dog school or agility. I also need to work with her a little bit more. I find myself not having much more patience or time for her and i do think she feels/resents it. Don't get me wrong, she's not being neglected, but she's not the only baby around anymore! It would be perfect if Moomin and Lola would play together, but right now, that's not happening. Lola does not really like the baby (Moomin adores her Lola <3), she does not bite her or anything like that, but she does not like Moomin to come near her, or play with her :-/ I still have high hopes that one day they will become best friends!

Ok, this has been a very long post about our lives right now. I could tell you so much more stuff, but i think it's enough for now. There are still pictures from our family road trip waiting to be edited and uploaded. It's just one more week 'till Christmas and my parents are coming for the Holidays! The Hubs and i have our 5th (already?)wedding anniversary today! We'll be going to watch some Christams lights tomorrow! It's still going to take me a while to catch up on all of this, but i promise i will! In the meantime remember to follow us on Instagram and/or like our page on Facebook!

We wish you all a very happy weekend!