New Year's Resolutions: The year of Self Growth

I just noticed I haven't set myself any new year's resolutions for the past 2 years. I did write a post about it in 2014 but didn't accomplish that much since i had my laparoscopywent through IVF and finally got pregnant. 2015 marked the arrival of our little girl, we went on trips to Finland, Innsbruck, Dresden and London AND we moved to California. Last year was super hard, we had to adapt to living here, make new friends, start a new life all by ourselves, while feeling alone and scared and not being in so good health... But we managed all that and more, we are in a very good place right now and i feel confident enough in my role as a mom and a wife, to finally focus again on myself. This year is MY year, which of course doesn't mean that i'm going to neglect my family, it just means that i need to get back to do things for myself, things that make me happy (or not...)

This is the year of Self Growth!

  • Getting my driver's license: I'm probably the only person i know who doesn't know how to drive... I took my written test in december (and passed!), so i now have a permit and Raul has been teaching me, but it's a slow process. I just get way too anxious! I drive 15 mph and feel like i'm doing 30... it's just very scary for me. I'm not very good at focusing on stuff for prolonged periods of time... it just makes me very nervous. But i HAVE to learn, specially if we end up staying here longer than planned (no, nothing is sure just yet... ask me again in the sommer!), i really need to be able to go to appointments by my own, or get Moomin to Kindergarten and just in general be a little bit more independent. 
  • Improve my kick-assery: Of course i mean getting better at Martial Arts! I really hope i stick with it for as long as we're here. It is sooo much fun and i'm getting better at it too. I noticed i'm not that afraid anymore of contact and getting hit. Just yesterday i was punched in the eye! 
  • Learn Calligraphy: This is a fun, exciting one! I just really want to learn something new, something that it's just for me. It's nice taking some time to do something that has no other purpose than to make me happy. 
  • Learn about nutrition: as Baby Moomin gets older i want her to make better choices and this includes being healthier. I want to learn about nutrition and healthier eating, so i can pass on that infirmation. I want her to be stronger, to take better care of our environment and just in general to be more informed, you know. I think it's time to start making changes if we want our planet to survive.


That's it, those are the things i want to work on this year. Learning new things, moving forward... It is very probable that next year is going to be stressful again (wether we move back, or not), so this one is the perfect opportunity to grow, to get stronger and learn to tackle everything that comes our way with a more positive attitude.

What are your resolutions? I wish you all a good week! Remember that improving oneself is a constant, never-ending process!