The adventure continues

Yes, we are still alive! Life has been so crazy lately, both good and bad. My last post was about our Family Road Trip in October last year, so what happened after that? 

  • Christmas: my parents were here for a couple of days and we had a great time, even if it was short. Moomin got a bike, which she's still refusing to use :-/

Christmas Family Picture The grandparents get presents too

  • We went to Mexico! Moomin was flower girl at one of my best friend's wedding and she turned 2!

Prettiest location Prettiest couple Prettiest MoominCake time Time with family and friends

  • We went to Washington D.C.! My parents recently moved there and we went to visit them. Since we were already on the east coast we traveled to Philly and NYC.

with abuela with uncle Luis with abuelo Washington D.C. NYC

  • I started my driving lessons, which suck terribly, because of my anxiety. My second lesson is tomorrow! and we're supposed to go on the freeway to Downtown! What am i supposed to do?! I did practice with Raul, but not a lot to be honest :'-(

I guess the most important news right now is: remember how we were supposed to be here for 2 years (Raul's contract is ending in november)? Well, Raul got an opportunity for a local contract and we decided that he would take it... we're staying! indefinitely! So, yeah... we have tons to do! Some of you saw my IG Story about not being able to sleep because of life decisions, well, this is it. On one side, i'm super happy to stay. I have friends, Moomin has friends and even though everything that's going on right now, i do like this country very much. I think we will have lots of opportunities here. Moomin is going to learn a 3rd language and i have better chances to get a job doing something that i really want to do. On the other side, i'm still sooo attached to our apartment in Munich and all the people that we met through Lola. The place was just perfect, near a small forest and the creek. The apartment was brand new, they were building a Kindergarten right next to us. But i know that even if we had gone back, we would've had to move sooner or later, because our apartment is just too small for a family of 4+dog. It's also hard to know that your kid is not going to grow up near family, mine is far away in either case, but Raul's family was just an hour away. I guess all kinds of change have good and bad sides and this is no different. 

But, i will have enough stuff to organize to keep my mind occupied. We have to sell our apartment there, get rid of some furniture that we're no longer using and get the rest ready for transport. We left lots of stuff, so that's not going to be an easy task. We want to buy a house here and we're looking, but it's so frustrating! They are either perfect, but in the wrong area, or in the right area, but in need of renovation. We talked to our landlords and we are able to stay here a while longer, that gives us at least some time to find something appropiate and make some renovations if it comes to it. I guess we'll be moving in spring time next year. 

We also have to start doing our research on IVF Clinics and what we need to do to import our already harvested eggs and where to store them. Although i think USA's rules on importing are a little bit more relaxed than in some european countries (including Germany). We're hoping to have everything set for next year. I would like to work a little bit before getting pregnant again, but i don't want to leave a big gap in between my kids + i'm not getting any younger + you never know how long it's going to take. But we still have some time, we'll just take it easy and see how everything works out...

So, that's whats going on right now, well at least part of it :-) I have decided to keep the blog alive, specially since we're staying, that way our families can see what we're up to. I will also be doing some design changes to the blog, however i have no idea when... we need to start managing our time better ;-)

That's it for now. I'll keep you informed about driving lessons and home search and IVF research and toddler tantrums...

Happy beer friday! Have a nice weekend!


*Note: while looking for pictures i noticed that we have a lot of really good ones from our trip to the east coast. I guess i will be doing some more posts about it ;-)

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Tags: life