Happy New Year! like super late... how were your holidays? how did you survive all the food and stress...? Ours were quite nice, we didn't really do much. The Hubs took some time off work and we just wanted to chill and relax... Back in November we decided to order our christmas cards from Minted. They have really cool designs, features and they have nice offers from time to time, like free printed addresses (I was not payed to say this, i'm just really happy with how our cards turned out).

Christmas at my parents

Merry Christmas! I hope you had a very nice time with your family and friends! The last christmas i spent at my parents place was 10 years ago! It was about time to spend the holidays with them again.  We spent the evening with my godparents and their kids. We had lots of fun, ate a lot of very yummy food and recieved nice presents, specially for the baby!

Holidays Part 1

Hi everybody! First of all: Happy New Year!!! 2nd: Sorry for the lack of posts, but i have had a lot of work lately and i got sick... i hate being sick... but well, what can you do, right? So, how were your holidays? Did you also eat until you could eat no more? We spent christmas at the in-laws. It was nice. It was our first Christmas with a dog and a baby (Raul's cousin's baby) and it was quite stressful... but we survived it and hopefully it'll be a little bit easier next year...

Christmas Decor

Hi everybody! Remember i told you last week was baking week? well... no, it wasn't. Who has the time? Not me!  But we finally took some pictures of our christmas decorations, well Raul took the pictures. My brother came in yesterday from Dresden and we're now at the in-laws, where we're going to stay probably until friday. So i'll probably see you next weekend with nice family christmas pictures. So, without further ado: