There's a first time for everything

Hi! Did i tell you i went skiing? Like 2 weeks ago... for the first time in my life!!!? No? Well, now you know and you're welcome. Everybody who knows me enough and has seen me doing, or more like trying to do, any kind of sport will tell you, that i'm a complete failure at sports. I have two left feet and my coordination is just non-existent. I'm not kidding, i really suck...

Thin mints without mint or how i failed to make thin mints

Last week i was invited to a birthday party. Naturally i wanted to give my friend something nice and decided to bake some cookies. Well, i was looking on the internet for some nice cookie recipes and came along this super easy way to make Thin Mints. Only 3 ingredients and in only 15 minutes? That has to be the most amazing recipe idea ever, right? Yeah, that's what i thought... at first.