Christmas Decor

Hi everybody! Remember i told you last week was baking week? well... no, it wasn't. Who has the time? Not me!  But we finally took some pictures of our christmas decorations, well Raul took the pictures. My brother came in yesterday from Dresden and we're now at the in-laws, where we're going to stay probably until friday. So i'll probably see you next weekend with nice family christmas pictures. So, without further ado: 

The closet is finished! Weeeee!

Well... not quite. We're having some issues with the doors, specially the left one (my door of course...). The doors are plywood panels on which Raul glued laminate flooring (and mirrors in the case of the middle doors). The biggest problem is that plywood tends to bend itself, in this case it's bending inwards, you can actually see the scratch that is slowly forming because of the friction with the front door. We have taken the door out and straighten it with help of weights, but it just goes wrong again, every time.

Welcome to my crib: Kitchen

I really have to apologize for the unintersting vibe going around here lately, but with work and yoga and lola i'm finding it really hard to schedule some writing time + i'm super tired! I do have some christmas proyects in mind, but like everything else, i have to find some time for it.  On a short life update:

Welcome to my crib: Small Bathroom

I know! I have been absent... we have been busy. My sister-in-law was here last week and i got to finally use my sewing machine, so i have a project to share with you, but it will have to wait a little while longer since i'm not finished yet (i'm still waiting for some fabric...). So i decided to just keep on with my never ending home tour. Remember i told you we have two bathrooms? i know, it was ages ago, right...