Not so late New Year's Resolutions

Remember last year, when i posted my new year's resolutions in march? Well i'm actually a little bit earlier this year. Weeeee! Maybe next year i'll manage posting them on time... I'm very proud of myself for having accomplished almost all of my last year's resolutions. I cannot say that i'm a good cook now, but i think that's something you have to keep on learning. I mean i'm not that dumb, i just need some more practice.

Late New Year's Resolutions

I know that it is already march. BUT do you know how the year starts and you have already sooo much to do, that you just don't have enough time to work on your hopes & wishes for the new year? Well that kind of stuff happens to me a lot! This past two months have been just crazy! Finishing the semester, learning for exams, deliver essays, start planing the next semester and so on... while you still have to go to work, so that you can buy cute things for spring.. if it is ever going to show up!