I can't believe it's already been around 2 weeks since our vacation/family event! We were actually thinking of making a 3 week tour through Scandinavia, but it would have been too expensive and kind of stressful with the baby and Lola. So instead we flew over for a couple of days with the rest of the family, which was a pretty good idea after all. Do you know how much you have to take with you when you have a little kid in tow? a lot!


Once again it's been too long since my last post, but well... pregnancy you know... it can be a bitch! Sooo, after more than a month of being back home i'm finally showing you the last stop on our Mexico Road Trip. After spending a very much needed time in the sun on the beach, we packed our things and headed on our way back to Mexico City. It takes about 9 hours to get from Purto Vallarta to the City and honestly, we did not want to spend that much time in the car, so we decided to make a last stop before finally getting home: Morelia, Michoacán.

Puerto Vallarta

After Guadalajara we drove about 3-4 hours to the beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta and spent 1 1/2 days lying around like stranded whales at the beach! Yeah, it's not much, but we had a very tight schedule and were very happy to get at least some time at the beach. The Malecón boardwalk is beautiful! There are a lot of sculptures along it and i don't know if the sand sculptures are around the whole year, but we saw some (really impressive btw). There are a lot of really good restaurants to choose from and bars of course!


The day after we arrived in Guadalajara, we took a tour on the Jose Cuervo Express to the town of Tequila. In case you didn't know that is were the drink tequila comes from. My parents did a similar tour last summer and thought we might enjoy it... sadly i'm not allowed to drink anything :-( so, it was a little bit weird to watch everybody else around you get hammered...


Excuse the lack of news (again...), but we have been sick around here :-( Whatever... let's resume our Mexico adventure, shall we? I still have sooo many pictures to show you! After Christmas, we borrowed my mom's car and went on a road trip for a couple of days. Our first stop was the beautiful city of Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco! what to do there: eat! as much as you can, specially birria and tortas ahogadas!