We're in Mexico! weeeeeeeeee! But last week was a little bit stressful, we had to take Lola to the city to an official veterinarian office to get her health certification, her veterinarian did a mistake and we had to go again; i had to go to my ob-gyn too (everything is ok, but we could not see if it's a boy or a girl...); we had to get a lot of stuff, you know, presents and stuff... The flight itself was ok, Lola did puke a little bit, but she is otherwise fine. My parent's dog Zamy is a doll, but i don't think they like each other very much...

A weekend in Dresden

Last thursday we drove to Dresden to visit my brother. Sadly the weather was not as good as in Vienna, it rained and it was windy and cold almost all the time. I'm lucky i didn't get sick, since i'm not that smart and took only sandals... But, we had fun anyways. Dresden has a very nice big park and the riverside is perfect for a leash-less walk with Lola. We also visited some flea markets and watched a lot of football! My brother insisted on watching every single game, which of course i didn't, i preferred to sleep ;-)

Portugal: Porto Pt. II

Welcome to the last part of our Portugal adventure! finally! it's been ages since we were there and i'm just finishing posting all the pictures... bad blogger! (See here Lisbon Parts 1 and 2, Coimbra and Porto Part 1)