Portugal: Lisbon Pt.II

So, here are the next pictures from our Portugal trip (See Lisbon Part 1 here). On our second day in Lisbon, we visited Belém in the morning/mid-day and on the evening we walked through the nice streets of Alfama. If you want to see the inside of the monastery in Belém, go around lunch time and you won't have to spend a single second in line to go in ;-) The Castle of Sao Jorge is nice and a little bit pricey, but just the view from up there is worth it.

Portugal: Lisbon Pt.I

Hi everybody! As promised i will finally start posting some of the pictures from our trip to Portugal. However it is going to take a while since we took a lot of pictures and there are some holidays, small trips, visits and birthday partys coming up! Lots to do!

Beautiful Mexico: Tecomán

Hi there! i've been super busy this past days! we're working on some small changes in the apartment. I hope to be done soon, so i can share pictures with you! Ok, today i want to show you something really cool. A friend of mine from school has this awesome TV program in which he and his friend show us different places all around Mexico. The program is called "Van y Vienen", which would be something like "They come and go". They have now about 20 episodes, but just started to add english subtitles to some of them (i'm hoping to get my hands on more...)

A weekend in Madrid

Well, hello there! Nice to see you haven't abandoned me yet, even after more than a week of stagnation. What's my excuse this time? you know, the usual... dog, work, life... It's only a little more than 2 weeks until christmas and there's so much to do! But first things first. I mentioned last time Raul and me were going to Madrid for the weekend. Raul had an aikido course on saturday and sunday and i used the time to tour around and visit a friend.