Thin mints without mint or how i failed to make thin mints

Last week i was invited to a birthday party. Naturally i wanted to give my friend something nice and decided to bake some cookies. Well, i was looking on the internet for some nice cookie recipes and came along this super easy way to make Thin Mints. Only 3 ingredients and in only 15 minutes? That has to be the most amazing recipe idea ever, right?

Yeah, that's what i thought... at first.

I followed the instructions given and was very pleased that i only broke 3 (or 5) Oreos while separating them. BTW don't eat the cream! even if you love it, by the 5th Oreo it just starts getting weird... i tried... it didn't work. I think i like my Oreo cream with some cookie.

Anyway, i didn't have any mint extract, but remembered that we still had some Minttu (finnish peppermint liqueur) in the freezer! Oh, that's a nice idea! let's get this cookies a nice alcoholic twist! just mix in the liqueur with the melted chocolate i thought... it's going to be awesome i said... well for all of you experienced bakers out there, i know you are laughing at me right know and shaking your heads... well, you are right in doing so.

My nicely melted chocolate was converted into a chocolate clump with a lot of alcohol in it. WTF! I'm a self taught "baker"! nobody told me this would happen! i googled for a way to make it work and read that you have to mix the alcohol with the chocolate before you melt it. Aha, ok... it didn't work either... after 1 hour i had 40 cookies waiting to be coated and 2 clumps of alcoholic chocolate...

I melted the rest of my dark chocolate, mixed it with some white one, coated the cookies and sprinkled some Minttu and silver sparkles over them. I couldn't even take them to the party, because the chocolate didn't harden on time.

Well, i gave them to her today and she loved them! They weren't that pretty either (i think they resemble my frustration at that moment) but they were really yummy.

We almost ate them all together at work :-) It was worth all the trouble :-D

Behold the Fail!


And the moral of this story is: "Always have a lot of chocolate at home! you never know when you will have to use it all!"


Tags: foodfail
Tags: foodfail